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Artist Photographing nature

Julie has been an avid birdwatcher all her life and can often be found at local nature reserves with her binoculars and camera.

Artist Julie A Turner walking with Darcey dog

Julie's daily walks with Darcey, her Parson's Terrier, through the farmland, parkland and countryside on her doorstep are times of daily inspiration.

"I love to see Wildlife in its natural environment as much as I enjoy painting!"
Julie was born in Wigan and grew up there until leaving to study English at Sheffield University. She moved to Nottingham and has lived there for the last 30+years. She has a husband, a son and a Parson's Terrier called Darcey.
Julie was a full-time primary school teacher until 2015, when she suffered a mental breakdown and was forced to retire from teaching because of ill-health. Struggling to cope with anxiety and depression, Julie sought therapy through her longstanding love of nature. Getting outdoors and connecting with local habitats and wildlife gradually improved her sense of well-being.
Initially Julie used photography to try and capture the feelings of energy, life and pure joy inspired by these moments of connection with the natural world.
Julie only discovered a passion for drawing and painting in the last 4 years but seeks to make up for lost time with several collections already under her belt and many more planned!


Julie finds drawing immersive and the feeling of connecting with nature through art gives her a sense of belonging.
Many of her drawings are made close to home in familiar places which she walks daily.
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